cleaning without poison

one of the most common health hazards in the home are cleaning products. These toxic substances aren’t well regulated or tested before being places on shelves for sale. In our home, we use an array of products that all come with the poison warning on the label. It almost seems like negligence to have these products in the same place as our children!


With that in mind, we are ditching the toxic stuff and making natural cleaners with stuff we can find around the house.

Re-utilizing the (empty) banished spray bottles, a few recipes are as follows-

kitchen and bathroom cleaner:
-half vinegar
-half water
– a tbsp of castile soap

scour scrub for showers etc:
-re-purpose a small jar with holes punched in the lid
-fill with baking soda
-a few drops of an essential oil that evokes your sense of clean

At some point, we really feel the need to get the sinks that sparkly white- in that case the natural alternative at hand is the lemon. A half lemon can be rubbed over the surfaces and left to dry to a natural white shine. Also very good for disinfecting cutting boards and nixing that garlic smell from your fingernails!

For wooden furniture polish- using a damp rag with a few dabs of olive oil do the trick without leaving behind that artificial lemon scent.

These are the new cleaning supplies, and it’s a relief to know that the kids are safer now. They can even help clean! All kids love spray bottles 🙂



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