all-natural ear ache remedy

Last night, our son awoke with a terrible ear infection. During my childhood I often got earaches and remember going to school with a wad of toilet paper stuffed in the aching orifice to keep the antibiotics in. Most often it was due to spending lots of time in the ocean. My son was swimming quite a bit last week during our family vacay in Seal Beach, CA. Perhaps he got the infection from the water there?

Not having the antibiotics worried me a little, as I always feel more comfortable experimenting with natural remedies on myself  rather than the kids. But since we had no choice we went ahead with the experiment. Super easy, sort of made us hungry… but basically a small clove of peeled garlic in the affected ear. Not shoved in, rather laying gently on the entrance to the inner ear. Secured with a bandaid (which my son thought was the remedy). He slept on his not-sore ear, and awoke this morning to no ear ache!

Garlic cures more than ear aches apparently, just check out what other natural medicine lovers use it for on Earth Clinic. It may be worthwhile to dedicate a small herbal garden just for medicinal use in your home. Natural cures abound- according to Ryan Kurczak, many can be found in and around your home.


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