farm foraged Kauai Thanksgiving

A day in the barn kitchen with animals and children at our feet. On the return- a feast with all ingredients sourced directly from the farm, or foraged for on Kauai! 100% local. Cassava chips & guacamole, imu duck, kalo leaf & coconut stew, sweet potato mash, stream caught crawfish stew, kale salad, banana crepes, coco-Lilikoi and lemon-basil sorbet, tahitian lime pie with Mac nut crust. The many lovingly prepared dishes that guests brought that were also made from 100% locally sources ingredients. My sister, Joanna, sliced the neck off of 34 salvaged wine bottles carefully selected for their shades of green and blue. These are what we planned to toast our good fortune and bounty with Koloa rum and coconut cocktails. But with a wobbly 5 gallon jug sitting on the back of a quad, we were destined to have an assortment of Hawaiian beer and wine in our wine-bottle glasses instead. Of course, my family spent Black Friday muddy and up to their knees in coconut flakes, cassava peelings, chicken poo and other sorts of heavenly farm fortified goodness. Sure beats standing in a line well past bedtime waiting for the doors of an arbitrary marketing scheme to open.






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