nesting box: done!

The hens have indicated their dissatisfaction. This morning I found their malodorous cardboard box turned upside down with the girls poised triumphantly on top as if they were to have their picture taken. A good example of one of those ‘temporary fixes’- the cardboard box was meant to stay for a week or two tops. But, with kids and final exams for the semester it was inevitable that it became a slightly funky smelling reminder of  overdue chores. So, with a little help from the trusty ol’ SawszAll, I dissected an old pallet (our liberator when we can’t afford re-used lumber) and finished the nesting box.

A little skew, but roughly the necessary requirements of a comforting and safe place for the girls to lay their eggs. The pint-sized homesteaders filled the box with hay and it was moved into the coop!

Curious what others did for community nesting, I discovered rudimentary boxes that were not so ‘temporary’ and seem to please their hens just fine. Were catering to divas.


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