vermicast harvest

After four months of feeding our red wrigglers our food waste, enough black gold has accumulated to complement the supersoil mix that Aaron concocted in the grow beds. We will also use it to amend an organic soil from locally sourced Niu Nursery and make worm tea (which, thanks to the weather- was more collecting than making) For poo, it always amazes me how good it smells! Rich, earthy, clean. After harvest last night, the pots of vermicast had been left outdoors in larger plastic tub. A passing rainstorm drenched the soil and in the morning, a dark, concentrated tea remained at the bottom of the tub. The diluted tea makes a nutrient dense fertilizer that can be fed to plants on a weekly basis. Glenn Martinez, of Olomana Gardens, introduced us to worm tea a few years ago. We used some tea in a spray bottle on the soil encircling a cherry tomato plant that was near death. The next day, the plant was revived and later went on to fruit. This is a wonderful system that enables us to make use of our food waste, diverting it from the landfill and feeding it to worms who then provide the rich castings to plant more food. To start your own worm bucket- check out Waikiki Worm Co. or Olomana Gardens.


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