dumpster pizza

This is Honolulu’s 11th straight day of rain, which would make one think there would be more time for writing. Instead (computer-ing during a lightning storm is sort of sketchy) we have been cooking, eating and acting like cooped up fowls (no offense to our lovely ladies outside, who really ARE cooped up in this awful weather, much respect). Netflix has been amazing, there are so many awesome documentaries in our queue… Dive was fantastic and led to a late night jaunt to our Beretania Foodland where, lo and behold, we found four garbage cans full of very mildy bruised zuchinni, tomato, Kabocha squash, spinach, papaya, and bok choy. It was quite a success. We went back the next day during some light and noted that the cans were labeled “Hog Farm”, which gave us some sort of relief over the mass of wasted food. There happen to be three house-less citizens just down the ave….we do wonder why good food is thrown out and not sent to the shelter. Well, of course we don’t really wonder anymore… . On a delicious note- we made a wonderful pie out of our ‘found’ food. 

mozzarella, dumpster spinach and tomatoes, and a whole wheat crust.


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