ATOLL: Aquaculture Training for On-Line Learning

ATOLL: Aquaculture Training for On-Line Learning

We were fortunate to receive a scholarship early this year to participate in the aquaculture & aquaponics course provided by UH Manoa Outreach Program. Highly recommended for both backyard aquaponics as well as aquaculture enterprise!


ATOLL: Aquaculture Training for On-Line Learning

Event ID: P12043
Info: Online program • register anytime, complete by Dec 31 • instructions on accessing the course are emailed after registration is completed • $100
With: Benny Ron, ATOLL Faculty

The Aquaculture Training for On-Line Learning program consists of four courses with more than 60 videos and digital games to give you an understanding of:


    1. Aquaculture and fisheries management


    1. Aquaponics concepts and systems


    1. Basic water chemistry, water quality, fish health and nutrition


  1. Basic biology, genetics, coral farming, reef ecology, marketing and business

Course 1. Introduction to Aquaculture
Learn about aquaculture, fisheries management, aquaculture in the Pacific, and traditional Hawaiian aquaculture. Developed and taught by Dr. Benny Ron, University of Hawai‘i Aquaculture Program coordinator; Dr. Paul Bienfang, UH Oceanography Department fisheries research specialist; Ephraim Temple, University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant aquaculture extension agent to American Samoa; and Dr. Carlos Andrade, University of Hawai‘i Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies director and professor whose specialization includes indigenous geography and resources management .

Course 2: Introduction to Aquaponics
Go through the steps needed to build and maintain your own aquaponics or permaculture system. Learn aquaponics concepts and system designs to grow vegetables, fruits, and houseplants in a symbiotic relationship with your fish. Taught by Glenn Martinez, owner/operator of Olomana Gardens, a certified organic farm in Waimanalo, and avid spokesperson for local farming, organic growing, and the end of GMO.

Course 3: Fish Farm Essentials I
Learn the basic water chemistry and water quality information you need to have a successful aquaculture operation. Includes fish health and nutrition (feed, common pests & diseases), troubleshooting for problems, ornamental fish production, and basic marketing concepts for fish farmers. Taught by Dr. Allen C. Riggs, State of Hawai‘i aquaculture veterinarian, and Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan, extension officer for the Oregon SeaGrant program.

Course 4: Fish Farm Essentials II
Advanced information regarding basic biology and genetic concepts necessary for today’s fish farms. Includes modules on corals, reef ecology, coral farming for reef restoration or aquariums, and more on marketing and business. Taught by Dr. Benny Ron; Dr. Jinzeng Yang, associate professor of animal molecular biology at the University of Hawai‘i; Kelly Davidson, lecturer in aquaculture marketing and economics at the University of Tennessee Martin; and Dr. Shai Shafir, Oranim Academic College of Education (Israel) professor and internationally recognized expert in coral ecology, aquatic bio-technology and reef restoration.

What kind of equipment do I need?

    1. A fairly new computer (less than 5 years old–capable of watching internet videos).  Be aware that course materials may not work on all mobile devices.


    1. A recently updated internet browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari work best) capable of playing .mp4 video files


    1. High-speed internet access capable of viewing online videos up to 30 minutes in length.

For more details, visit

The ATOLL online program is now approved by the State of Hawai‘i Employment and Training Fund (ETF) program for incumbent workers.  ETF may pay 50%, up to a maximum of $250 of course fees for students employed by eligible businesses and nonprofits. For information, go to and click on the Employer Referral (“micro”) program link.


Dr. Benny Ron is currently serving as the Aquaculture Program Coordinator of the University of Hawai’i. Dr. Ron joined the National Center for Mariculture of the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute to serve as the Head of the Fish Physiology Department and since 2003 as the Head of the Genetics and Physiology Department. In 2004 he founded the Society of Israeli Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology and serves as the president of the society and the board or directors’ of the Israel Journal of Aquaculture – Bamidgeh. His interest in mariculture and marine biotechnology lead him to partner with Ben Gurion University of the Negev in order to open a new Marine Biotechnology undergraduate and graduate program that includes a variety of aquaculture courses. Dr. Ron served as the Chairman of the National Organizing Committee of the 8th International Marine Biotechnology Conference 2007 and as an advisor to the European Commission. Dr. Ron has been working on fish biological clocks, stress responses, marine and brackish water aquaculture, larvae metamorphosis and biological markers in fish for the monitoring of environmental changes. Since 2003 he also works on breeding programs, population genetics, and aquaculture genomics in marine fish species. His interest in the conservation of aquaculture fish species and the biodiversity of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea lead him to work on DNA-barcoding and to serve as the Regional Chairman of the FISH-BOL Middle East Work Group. Dr. Ron holds teaching and mentoring positions at both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

In addition to Dr. Benny Ron, ATOLL faculty include:

Dr. Paul Bienfang is a member of the research faculty of the Oceanography Department at the University of Hawai‘i and regularly teaches a course in Fisheries of the World. His research deals with the ciguatera fish poisoning component being done within the Pacific Center for Research in Marine Biomedicine, one of four U. S. Centers for Oceans and Human Health. Dr. Bienfang is an alumnus of the UH Oceanography Department, a former Sr. Vice President of a marine bio-tech company in aquaculture, and a former Sr. Vice President of a private oceanographic and aquaculture research institution. His research specialties include environmental water quality and phytoplankton ecology issues with emphasis on warm water phytoplankton dynamics and continuous culture methodologies.

Ephraim Temple has worked in American Samoa since August 2007 as a junior extension agent for the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program. His main priority is the development of aquaculture production in this US territory. As part of his responsibilities he is privileged to join the science faculty at the American Samoa Community College in developing local awareness of and skills in marine resource management. As the representative for the college on several advisory groups, he is involved with general public education programs to increase awareness of local ecosystem health and global environmental changes. He is also the American Samoa Representative for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s PacIOOS (Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System) project. Temple received a BS in zoology from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and an MS in fisheries science with a minor in marine resource management from Oregon State University. Prior to arriving in American Samoa, he was the Oregon Sea Grant Legislative Fellow for the Oregon 2007 regular legislative session.

Dr. Carlos Andrade is Associate Professor and Director of Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. He returned to university at age forty-three, and earned a master’s degree in Educational Counseling and a doctorate degree in Geography. He is a father of three, grandfather of five, has lived as a subsistence fisherman and farmer, and worked as a professional boat captain. He is also an accomplished musician and practitioner of ki‘ ho‘alu (slack key guitar). Dr. Andrade studies indigenous geography and resources management as well as Hawaiian and Polynesian boat design, navigation, and language.

Glenn Martinez has been the owner/operator of a Certified Organic farm in Waimanalo for over 15 years. He was recently elected as President of the Hawaii Farmers Union and is an avid spokesperson for local farmers, and serves on the Board of Directors for Hawaii Aquaculture and Aquaponics Association. Martinez champions the end of GMO, is pro-organic, and actively promotes “grow your own”. His farm, Olomana Gardens, serves as an educational center for aquaponics and he regularly provides clinics and workshops throughout the Pacific region to train others in organic gardening and permaculture techniques. He is an avid inventor and innovator in the field of aquaculture.

Dr. Allen Riggs is currently serving as the aquaculture veterinarian for the State of Hawai‘i . He has a BS from Mississippi State University in Animal Science and a DVM from the same school. He also got a MS from Texas A&M University in Aquatic Animal Medicine and took courses in aquaculture at the University of Rhode Island. He has directed his career towards the aquatic aspects of disease and served in private practice for aquatic animal medicine. Previous experiences have included providing extension services through the University of Florida to Florida’s diverse marine and freshwater aquaculture industry from 1999 to 2003. While performing these duties he conducted research on koi, carp, and sturgeon. He has taught courses in water chemistry, histological interpretation, and general fish and shellfish health and preventive medicine. He is an experienced aquatic health clinician, having made numerous presentations on all aspects of aquatic disease and disease management to groups throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan is an Assistant Professor of Aquatic Animal Health for the Hatfield Marine Science Center at the University of Oregon. He currently serves as an extension officer for the Oregon SeaGrant program. His primary focus is on providing educational programming and service to the aquarium industry in Oregon and beyond, to help wholesalers, retailers, and hobbyists succeed in the rearing, husbandry, and health care of ornamental aquatic animals in the aquarium or pond environment. He led the development of a new two-year Aquarium Science degree and one-year certification program at Oregon Coast Community College, and travels widely to educate aquatic pet owners, breeders, importers, and retailers about the proper care and handling of ornamental fish.

Kelly Davidson is currently serving as a lecturer in aquaculture marketing and economics at the University of Tennessee Martin. She recently completed her M.S. degree in economics at the University of Kentucky and served as a member of the NOAA fisheries economic task force in Honolulu, HI.

Dr. Jinzeng Yang received his BS and MS training in animal science and genetics. In 1994, he entered the University of Alberta in Canada, where he was awarded the degree of Ph.D. in 2000. Dr. Yang spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at USDA-ARS (Beltsville, MD) at Dr. Robert Wall’s animal biotechnology facility. As an associate professor of animal molecular biology at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, Dr. Yang has developed and taught undergraduate courses in animal science and genetics. He is also actively mentoring graduate students and research associates through his genetic research programs.

Dr. Shai Shafir is an internationally recognized expert in coral ecology, aquatic bio-technology and reef restoration. He currently serves as a professor in the Oranim Academic College of Education in Israel. His articles have appeared in major biology and environmental journals around the world. He is an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer.



Cost: $100.00

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