a new chapter

Guess what?! We’ve recently made the hop from Oahu to Kauai for work opportunities. Aaron is renovating the historical Kilauea Plantation Managers house using green building design principles. I have been learning more about sustainability and organic agriculture at Kahuna Valley Farm, an 11 acre permaculture and aquaponics farm that belongs to my parents. As Aaron intends to complete his architecture degree requirements after his current project, Kauai is just our temporary home. Rather than rent a home we’ve decided to undertake the adventure of building our own off-grid dwelling on the farm. We are using all the knowledge acquired during our studies at UH Manoa, and using the best practices of green building to create a sustainable home for 4. The dwelling will incorporate a photovoltaic array to provide us with energy, rain water catchment and a composting toilet. Of course, we will strive to grow most of our food on the farm rather than relying on imports. Aaron has designed the entire structure, two 10×20 ag sheds and a 20×20 tipi deck. We are so happy to have this opportunity to learn, live and challenge ourselves on the land. It has been exciting, difficult and inspiring thus far…and we plan to share the adventure as best we can. Wish us luck!


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