harvest and treating our tipi poles

Aaron recently harvested this bamboo from a farm in Kilauea. The variety is Guoya, a structural bamboo that can be used for furniture, buildings and, in our case- tipi poles! He harvested 17 poles each roughly 25 feet long. There were thorns up to 5 inches long on each pole that he had to cut off very, very carefully!

Then, the poles were placed into a barrel of mixture containing borax and boric acid. This is a relatively environmentally friendly treatment, considering borax is water soluble and highly  saline. The treatment will protect the poles against borers, termites and rot.


It’s actually pretty neat. The poles absorb the treatment and pull it all the way up the pole vertically. As the leaves turn brown and fall off higher and higher it means that the treatment is working. We had many questions of how we would treat our bamboo once harvesting, but this technique is easy and quick. One week for treatment in the barrel and one week to dry lain flat and tied straight. Aaron built a quick rack for transport and . . .


Made it home in time dinner! Here he is posing with his harvest. We are so stoked to have been practically given this expensive bamboo. In trade we will be helping to clear the land where these poles were harvested.




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